Residential tinting

Residential window film in South Australia

Experience the benefits

Why do we need solar control window film anyway? 
Many people are unaware of the numerous benefits window films offer. 
These benefits are widespread and can save you hassles, time and money in the future.

South Australia’s trusted name in window film since 1985

Reduced heat

Windows and sunlight are one of the leading sources of heat in the summer. Our films reflect sunlight, keeping your house cool and reducing the cost of air-conditioning.

Reduced glare

Glare on television and computer screens is annoying. We can help reduce glare by up to 90%, making it easy to enjoy your movie and avoid straining your eyes. 

Reduced fading

Your sensitive belongings, such as furniture and art pieces, are vulnerable to the sun. Sunlight can cause these items to fade, but our films will keep them looking like new.

More privacy

Sola Seal window films can offer one-way viewing, which prevents outsiders from looking in without affecting your view. You can enjoy maximum comfort and privacy.

Sun protection

Skin cancer is one of the most common types of cancer in Australia. Our films eliminate 99% of UV light, helping to protect you and your family from harmful rays.

Improve your home with Sola Seal!

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